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  Date Topic Reading Homework Due
Lecture Aug-31 Intro    
Recitation Sep-1/3 Docker    
Lecture Sep-2 Metrics and Measurement    
Lecture Sep-7 Case Study 737MAX    
Recitation Sep-8/10 Tools for collaborative software development    
Lecture Sep-9 Milestones, estimation, planning   HW1 due
Lecture Sep-14 Software Archaeology    
Recitation Sep-15/17 Software Archaeology    
Lecture Sep-16 Requirements: Concepts and Challenges    
Lecture Sep-21 Requirements: Elicitation and Documentation    
Recitation Sep-22/24 Requirements Interviews    
Lecture Sep-23 Ethics    
Lecture Sep-28 SE4ML: part 1    
Recitation Sep-29/Oct-1 Requirements/terrible stakeholders    
Lecture Sep-30 SE4ML: part 2    
Lecture Oct-5 Architecture: Intro and Overview    
Recitation Oct-6/8 Midterm review    
Lecture Oct-7 Architecture: Documentations, Patterns, Tactics    
  Oct-12 MIDTERM EXAM    
Recitation Oct-13/15 No Recitation    
  Oct-14 NO CLASS    
Lecture Oct-19 Architecture: Microservices    
Recitation Oct-20/22 Team Dysfunction    
Lecture Oct-21 Architecture: Devops    
Lecture Oct-26 Introduction to QA and Testing    
Recitation Oct-27/29 Static Analysis/CI    
Lecture Oct-28 Chaos Engineering    
Lecture Nov-2 QA: Static Analysis: part 1    
Recitation Nov-3/5 No recitation - Holiday    
Lecture Nov-4 QA: Static Analysis: part 2    
Lecture Nov-9 QA: ML explanability    
Recitation Nov-10/12 ML explanability    
Lecture Nov-11 QA: ML explanability    
Lecture Nov-16 Process + Teams    
Recitation Nov-17/19 TBD    
Lecture Nov-18 Process + Teams    
  Nov-23 NO CLASS    
Lecture Nov-30 Process + Teams    
Recitation Dec-1/3 TBD    
Lecture Dec-2 Business models    

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