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Installing NodeBB on Windows

17-313 will only be supporting development using Windows Subsystem Linux 2 (WSL2) on Windows (Ubuntu variant). To support the use of WSL2, it is highly recommended that you develop using VSCode.

To learn more, refer to Microsoft's official WSL Documentation.

Installing WSL2 on Windows

Follow the instructions on the official Microsoft Getting Started Guide and complete all the steps up to (and including) the Use Visual Studio Code section.

By the end of these instructions, you should:

  • Have Ubuntu WSL2 installed
  • Have a root Linux username and password set up
  • Have updated and upgraded your packages
  • Be able to open Ubuntu WSL2 in Windows Terminal
  • Understand that you should store your project files on the same operating system as the tools you plan to use. For example, in order to successfully run NodeBB in Ubuntu, you should run git clone in your Ubuntu file system, open the cloned directory in Ubuntu, and edit the code files in Ubuntu
  • Be able to open a directory in Ubuntu in VSCode


In all future projects of this course, we will expect you to develop using WSL2. Thus, it is very important that you set up WSL2 correctly. Please come to office hours or ask on Slack if you need any assistance with the installation.

Installing NodeBB

If you do not already have Git installed, follow the Git Installation on Linux for Ubuntu.

Then, follow the Ubuntu instructions to install required tools and NodeBB itself on WSL2.