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17-313 Foundations of Software Engineering

This Week

Lectures & Readings
Office Hours
Held on the first floor lobby of TCS. See class calendar below for exact times!

Class Calendar

Weekly Schedule

Date Lecture Reading Recitation Project Deadline
Mon Jan 15
Tue Jan 16 Introduction P1A - Build Checkpoint
Due Friday Jan 19th, 11:59pm
Wed Jan 17
Thu Jan 18 Software Archaeology and Anthropology
Fri Jan 19
Mon Jan 22 Recitation 1 - Git, GitHub and TypeScript
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P1B - Starter Task
Due Thursday Jan 25th, 11:59pm
Tue Jan 23 Metrics and Measurement
Wed Jan 24
Thu Jan 25 Case Study: Boeing 737 MAX Boeing Case Study Reading
Fri Jan 26 P2A - Team Process & Planning
Due Thursday, Feb 1st, 11:59pm
Mon Jan 29 Recitation 2 - Team Contract Workshop
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Tue Jan 30 Project Planning
Wed Jan 31
Thu Feb 1 Teams and Communication
Fri Feb 2 P2B - Collaborative Development
Due Tuesday, Feb 13th, 11:59pm
Mon Feb 5 Recitation 3 - Software Archaeology
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Tue Feb 6 Architecture: Intro and Overview
Wed Feb 7
Thu Feb 8 Architecture: Design Docs
Fri Feb 9
Mon Feb 12 Recitation 4 - Checkpoint Presentations
Tue Feb 13 Architecture: Microservices
Wed Feb 14 P2C - Collaborative Development
Due Thursday, Feb 29th, 11:59pm
Thu Feb 15 Software Risk Management
Fri Feb 16
Mon Feb 19 Recitation 5 - Team Dysfunction
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Tue Feb 20 QA: Dynamic Analysis Tools
Wed Feb 21
Thu Feb 22 QA: Static Analysis Tools
Fri Feb 23
Mon Feb 26 No Recitation!
Tue Feb 27 MIDTERM
Wed Feb 28
Thu Feb 29 Ethics
Fri Mar 1
Mon Mar 4
Tue Mar 5 NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Wed Mar 6
Thu Mar 7 NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Fri Mar 8
Mon Mar 11 Recitation 6 - Deployment
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P3A - Checkpoint
Due Friday Mar 15th, 11:59pm
Tue Mar 12 CI and Deployment
Wed Mar 13
Thu Mar 14 Deployment Workshop Game
Fri Mar 15
Mon Mar 18 Recitation 7 - Large Language Models
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P3B - Final Deliverables and Extra Credit
Due Thursday Mar 21st, 11:59pm
Tue Mar 19 Feedback Workshop - Guest Lecture
Wed Mar 20
Thu Mar 21 LLMs
Fri Mar 22 P4A - Checkpoint#1
Due Thursday Mar 28th, 11:59pm
Mon Mar 25 Recitation 8 - Team Feedback
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Tue Mar 26 LLM as Tools
Wed Mar 27
Thu Mar 28 Software Quality P4B - Checkpoint#2
Due Monday Apr 1st, 11:59pm
Fri Mar 29
Mon Apr 1 Open Source Scavenger Hunt
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Tue Apr 2 Open Source P4C - Final Deliverables
Due Thursday Apr 4th, 11:59pm
Wed Apr 3
Thu Apr 4 Patents / Dependencies
Fri Apr 5 P5 - Open Source Excursion
Due Sunday April 28th, 11:59pm
Mon Apr 8 Recitation 10 - Open Source Project and Task Selection Check In
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Tue Apr 9 Security and Privacy
Wed Apr 10
Thu Apr 11 NO CLASS (Carnival)
Fri Apr 12
Mon Apr 15 Recitation 11 - Midterm Review
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Tue Apr 16 SLO
Wed Apr 17
Thu Apr 18 MIDTERM
Fri Apr 19
Mon Apr 22
Tue Apr 23 SE Jobs, Offers & Negotiation
Wed Apr 24
Thu Apr 25 Semester Review
Fri Apr 26
Mon Apr 29
Tue Apr 30
Wed May 1
Thu May 2
Fri May 3
Mon May 6
Tue May 7



Michael Hilton

Eduardo Feo Flushing

Teaching Assistants

Sophia Witt

Alexis Axon

Eyob Dagnachew

Grace Xin

Lara Marinov

Jesse Ding

Jenny Liang

Ao Li