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17-313: Foundations of Software Engineering

Recitation 2: Crash Course in Angular.js


This recitation aims to highlight the basics of Angular.js by walking students through the implementation of a basic To-Do list app. Students will be expected to use this knowledge to make changes to the Angular.js components of the Teedy project in a future assignment.


Task 0: Fork the repl

  • Create an account on
  • Fork this repl - you’ll be using this to work through this exercise and see your changes
  • When you run the app you should see something like the below screenshot. At this point, all the static HTML for the todo list has been set up. You’ll be working on making the todo list app function properly using Angular.js Static Todo List

Task 1: Setup Angular.js

Goal: Convert the basic HTML skeleton in the repl to an Angular.js app


  • Import the Angular.js library by adding the following script tag to the head component of index.html
<script src=""></script>
  • Add the ng-app directive to the main <html> tag to specify the root of your app
  • This involves changing the <html> tag at the top of index.html to <html ng-app>

Task 2: Data Binding Basics

Goal: Display a dynamic title based on user input


  • Use the ng-model directive to tie the value in the name text input field to a variable in the Angular.js app’s model.
    • Add ng-model="varName" to the name text input tag
  • Include {{varName}} in the Hello here's your todo liststring to bind the data in the model to the title in the view
  • Changing the value in the name text field should now change the title in real-time

Task 3: Setting up the controller

Goal: A boiler-plate controller called TodoListController has been set up in app.js. We want to connect our app with this controller so we can get more control over our todo list


  • Import app.js by adding the following script tag to the head component of index.html
<script src="app.js"></script>
  • Change the ng-app directive to bind to todoApp
    • Change <html ng-app> at the top of index.html to <html ng-app="todoApp">
  • Add the ng-controller directive to bind the TodoListController
    • Change the opening <body> tag to <body ng-controller="TodoListController as todoList">
  • Now we can access the controller within the body tag using the todoList alias

Task 4: Rendering the list of todo items

Goal: There’s a list called todos in our controller that we’ll use to store our todo list items. We want to replace the static todo list item with the todo items in this list


  • Use the ng-repeat directive to render items in the list
    • Change the <li> tag that renders a list item to <li ng-repeat="todo in todoList.todos">
  • Add the ng-model="todo.done" directive to the checkbox input tag so the checkbox reflects the value in the done field of a given todo list item
  • Replace the static todo list item text with {{todo.text}} to render the text associated with a given todo item in the list
  • Changing the data in the todos list in app.js should now change the contents of the todo list rendered

Task 5: Adding new todo items

Goal: Allow users to add new todos to the list using the form in the app


  • Use the ng-model directive to tie the value in the new todo text input field to a variable in the angular.js app’s model
    • Add ng-model="todoList.todoText" to the add new todo here text input tag
  • Implement the todoList.addTodo function in app.js
    • Add a new todo item to the list using the data in todoList.todoText
    • Clear the text input field by setting todoList.todoText to the empty string
  • Add the ng-submit directive to the form to call this addTodo function on submit by changing the opening <form> tag to <form ng-submit="todoList.addTodo()">

Task 6: Special styling for completed todo items

Goal: We want to apply custom styling for completed todo items, so they appear crossed out


  • A CSS class called done-true for completed todo items has been implemented in style.css. Make any changes you’d like to this CSS class
  • Apply this class to the todo text item
    • Change the <span> tag used to render {{todo.text}} to <span class="done-{{todo.done}}"> Checking a given todo item should lead to the custom css class being applied to that item

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