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Weekly Schedule

  Date Topic Reading Homework Due
Lecture Aug-30 Intro    
Recitation Aug-31/Sep-2 Git Collaboration Handout    
Lecture Sep-1 Metrics and Measurement    
Lecture Sep-6 Case Study 737MAX news article  
Recitation Sep-7/9 Angular.js and MVC Handout    
Lecture Sep-8 Code Archaeology   HW1 due
Lecture Sep-13 Milestones, estimation, planning    
Recitation Sep-14/16 Software Archaeology Handout    
Lecture Sep-15 Teams and Communication    
Recitation Sep-21/23 Team Dysfunction Handout    
Lecture Sep-20 Risk and Mistakes    
Lecture Sep-22 SE Deployment Workshop Pre-lecture prep: Heroku HW2A due
Lecture Sep-27 Software Quality in Practice   HW2B due
Recitation Sep-28/30 HW2 Presentations    
Lecture Sep-29 Architecture: Intro and Overview   HW3A due
Lecture Oct-4 Architecture: Microservices    
Recitation Oct-5/7 Midterm Review    
Lecture Oct-6 Collaborative Development: Documentation and Testing   HW3B due
Recitation Oct-12/14 NO RECITATION    
Lecture Oct-13 Architecture: Design Documents   HW3C due
  Oct-18 NO CLASS    
  Oct-20 NO CLASS    
Lecture Oct-25 SE4ML    
Recitation Oct-26/28 NO RECITATION    
Lecture Oct-27 SE4ML    
Lecture Nov-1 Ethics   HW4A due
Recitation Nov-2/4 Machine Learning Handout    
Lecture Nov-3 QA: ML    
Lecture Nov-8 QA: Fairness   HW4B/C due
Recitation Nov-9/11 Analysis and CI Handout    
Lecture Nov-10 Static and Dynamic Analysis   HW4D due
Lecture Nov-15 QA: Advanced Automated Testing    
Recitation Nov-16/18 Open Source Projects Handout    
Lecture Nov-17 Open Source Software    
  Nov-18     HW5 due
  Nov-22 NO CLASS    
Lecture Nov-29 Software Dependency Management User Study   HW6A due
Recitation Nov-30/Dec-2 HW6 Checkin-Presentations    
Lecture Dec-1 Software Patents Decision Making    
Lecture Dec-6 Employment Concerns    
Recitation Dec-7/9      
Lecture Dec-8   Pre-lecture prep:  
  Dec-12     HW6B due
Finals Dec-13 / 15 Project Presentations    
  Dec-15     HW6C/D due
  Dec-19     HW6 Bonus due

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